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Dr. Woosang (Jason) Lee (Sports & Exercise Chiropractor)

BSc(Chiropractic), M Clinical Chiropractic

Member of The Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE)

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

Jason is focused on helping patients to find balance in three pillars of health – biological, psychological, and social aspects.
​He avidly keeps up to date with all of the current research in chiropractic, sports medicine, physical therapy, and exercise. His inquisitive mind never ceases to learn something new, so he is actively engaged in the research field. He also graduated with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees with distinction. His research interests are sports injuries, motor control, low back pain, athletic performance, rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, peripheral joint injuries, and hyper-mobility.

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Dr. Joey (Daniel) Lee

BChiroSc, M, Chiropractic

Member of The Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE)

Joey is a dedicated chiropractor with a rich background committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals. Joey’s journey in chiropractic care has been marked by a steadfast commitment to providing personalised and effective treatments for a wide array of musculoskeletal concerns.

With a robust athletic background, having engaged in various sports at an elite level, Joey brings a distinctive combination of chiropractic expertise and a personal understanding of the physical demands of elite sports. This dual proficiency allows Joey to approach patient care with a holistic understanding of biomechanics.

Joey’s personal experiences of encountering and overcoming a spectrum of injuries have solidified his belief in a holistic approach to health. Advocating for the synergistic integration of adjustments, soft tissue interventions, and rehabilitation methods, Joey crafts a comprehensive strategy that not only addresses immediate discomfort but also fosters lasting wellness. Joey firmly believes in the importance of prevention as a cornerstone of long-term health, emphasising proactive measures to address potential issues before they arise.

By incorporating evidence-based approaches and integrating the most recent innovations into their practice, Joey strives to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health, enabling them to lead active and fulfilling lives.

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Sports Chiropractic Services

Sports chiropractic is a branch of chiropractic for those with an interest and expertise in providing care to athletes.

​Sports chiropractic is growing rapidly nationally and internationally, and is well established at many world-level sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the World Games.

Chiropractors are often labelled “spine only” due to reasons that range from self-promotion by chiropractors to misrepresentations by non-chiropractors.

A research article published in 2021, “A descriptive study of sports chiropractors with an International Chiropractic Sport Science Practitioner qualification: a cross‑sectional survey” revealed that Sports Chiropractors commonly treat ‘non-spinal conditions’. The research identified some interesting trends that General Chiropractors (usually spine and adjustment only) prescribed rehabilitation much less (31% of visits) than Sports Chiropractors (76% of visits). Furthermore, the practice style differed significantly. Sports Chiropractors are likely to utilize a multimodal approach in their practice (soft-tissue therapy, mobilisation, taping, low force techniques, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, and active therapy). Sports Chiropractors are not bound by ‘spinal only’ identity, instead we implement the best available evidence to broaden our scope of practice.

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